About us

We http://www.ssartscrafts.com/ are the Craft Making Site and We are Providing Varieties of Craft Works with this Website.  We are Also Selling Our Products Through Online and Personal.. We also Conduct  Classes for Children Who are interest to Learn in Easy Ways.. We Create Our Products Mostly with Use and Through Products like Plastic Bottles, Cotton Threads, Beeds, Ice Sticks ets..
 If Any One Interested To Learn, and Want to Buy Our Products Please Send a Messageto  us .. We are Very Eager to Respond you.
If Anyone Have Ideas ..  We are Very Happy to Share Those at http://www.ssartscrafts.com/ .. Mail us At glowlakshmi@gmail.com if you have any ideas..
Know more about us keep visiting http://www.ssartscrafts.com/